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Maryland Farmers Protect the Bay Every Day


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Scholarships Due June 1st

Students interested in a career in agriculture may apply for college scholarships provided by the Maryland Grain Producers Utilization Board. Visit scholarship page for application requirements.

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Phosphorus Symposium Proceedings Available

Experts on the science of phosphorus from across the country were featured at the State of the Science of Phosphorus at Chesapeake College hosted by the Maryland Grain Producers Utilization Board, Chesapeake Bay Foundation and University of Maryland Extension. Visit www.PhosphorusSymposium.com for details. Download proceedings here.

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Maryland Farm & Harvest Completes Second Season

Maryland Public Television's top ranked series about Maryland farmers, Maryland Farm & Harvest, has gone into production for its third season to air in latter 2015. See what goes on to produce your food, fiber, energy and more. Tune in on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm.  Miss an episode?  Visit www.mpt.org/farm to see more. 

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Farmland Film Now on Sale

"This is a film for anyone who eats," says Academy Award-winning filmmaker, James Moll. "It's not what you'd expect. The world of farming is complex and often controversial, but the farmers themselves are some of the most hard-working and fascinating people I've ever met."  Moll's feature length documentary, Farmland, is now available for rent and purchase On Demand via iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Blockbuster, Sony PlayStation, Vudu, Xbox and YouTube, and can be purchased at retailers, such as Walmart. This is a great film to see and give thanks for our farmers! . View Farmland 

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Farmers Surpass 2016 and 2017 Bay Goals

The results of the 2013 Bay Model progress run have been released and Maryland agriculture is doing great! We have already surpassed the 2017 interim goal for sediment loss reduction and have nearly achieved the 2017 goals for nitrogen and phosphorous reduction. Thanks to the hard work and conservation efforts of our farmers, agriculture as a sector is outpacing other sectors such as septic and urban storm water in reaching our goals.  Read more

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How could GMOs cause gluten allergies? 

Every person is entitled to make their own decisions about the food they choose to eat and feed their families. These decisions however should be based on facts derived from sound research, not unfounded claims made to insight fear. 
Read more

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Get your "Maryland Farmers Protect the Bay Every Day" Bumper Stickers

Contact the MGP office to receive a complimentary sticker!  Read more

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Gas prices on the rise - check out these 10 ways to save fuel

Junk in your trunk? The rule of thumb is for every extra 100 pounds, the vehicle uses an extra 1 mpg.  A clogged air filter can decrease gas mileage by up to 10%.  Read more

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What is at the heart of the Food and Fuel discussion?

The Council of Economic Advisers estimates the total global increase in corn-based ethanol production accounts for only about 3 percent of the recent increase in global food prices.  So what is the other 97% causing the price increases?   Read more

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GET THE FACTS on Alternative Fuels

Maryland Clean Cities offers a brief summary of Alternative Fuels  Read more

A Tale of Two Corns describes the difference between field corn and sweet corn you eat  Read more

Using New Technologies to Feed and Fuel the World  Read more

Top 10 Myths about Corn and Ethanol  Read more

Speakers Bureau now offers Biofuels: Fueling America’s Energy Needs through Agriculture  Read more

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How much have your wages grown?    500%?  800%?    5,000%?



Check out the new MPT Maryland Farm & Harvest series on Tuesdays,
7 pm

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