Maryland Grain Producers

Farmers raising food, fiber and renewable energy

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  • Flex Fuel made from Corn
  • Maryland Wheat is a Cover Crop
  • Farmers in the Chesapeake Bay region

Farm Initiatives

Maryland farmers protect the Bay every day.


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Find a Flex Fuel Station

Fill up on clean, renewable, American fuel.


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Investing in Our Future

It's all about farmers helping farmers.  


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99% of Maryland farmers have plans to manage their nutrients to protect the soil and improve water quality.

 Maryland Department of Agriculture

The farm industry contributes more than $17 billion in revenue to the Maryland economy annually.

Maryland Department of Agriculture

American consumers only spend 10% of their income on food versus 18-25% around the world.

United Nations

There is no difference in the nutritional value of genetically modified food and non-GM crops.

 Food and Drug Administration