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Ever been to a Maryland farm to see how our food is grown? Have you seen a cow being milked, or corn being harvested at night? How about watermelons being hand-picked or broccoli seedlings being gently planted into the soil in early spring? In fact, many Marylanders have never visited a farm, though they've driven by them many times without knowing it.

Hosted by Joanne Clendining, Maryland Farm & Harvest takes viewers around the state to see and experience what it's like to run a 21st century farm – from technological advances and conservation challenges to age-old complications such as weather hardships.MF&H also captures the number one reason why planters and growers dedicate themselves to it all: their simple love of farming.

Maryland Farm & Harvest airs Tuesdays 7pm on MPT-HD and repeats on Thursdays 11:30pm & Sundays 6am on MPT-HD, plus Fridays 6pm on MPT2

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CommonGround is a group of volunteer farm women who reach out to consumers to tell the real story about American agriculture and all that goes into growing and riasing their food.  Volunteers have conversations with consumers based on their personal experience as farmers, backed withcredible third-party science and research. This grassroots program puts a face on agriculture, giving farmers an opportunity to let consumers know that they share their values and concerns. Volunteers are active in social media, food and sports events, and hosting tours on the farm to share their story.


Did you know that Maryland farms provide fuel for your car, grass for Camden Yards, the Christmas tree in your house, or the packing peanuts for your gift boxes? Gas prices, nutrition, genetic engineering, and the environment are today’s issues and all of them relate to Maryland’s agricultural industry. Invite one of our volunteer speakers to your civic organization, club meeting or any group looking for an interesting and informative presentation. We have a variety of programs to select for your meeting!

  • Biofuels: Farmers Fueling America’s Energy Needs takes an informative look at the growing industry of producing energy from renewable sources to decrease our dependency on fossil fuels and foreign oil.
  • Biotechnology - Feeding the World discusses the latest developments in the process of improving plants and growing practices to produce an abundant supply of better tasting and more nutritious foods.
  • Food for Thought . . . What's Growing on Maryland Farms provides a unique perspective of Maryland’s largest industry for the non-farming community showing how agriculture impacts every one, every day. 
  • Farmland is an abbreviated version perfect for an hour program, allowing for questions afterwards. (See FARMLANDdescription below)

Find the Facts

Providing consumers with facts from the farm so they can determine the truth from the fiction is an ongoing mission of the Maryland Grain Producers. It is imperative that both sides of a story are told so consumers are able to make infomed decisions about choices in food and farm products. We base our information on real life experience, food system experts, independent research, partners in education and experts in the field.

Look for billboards on the way to the beach, banners at fairs and festivals, explore our website, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and check out our farmers on YouTube to learn more about Maryland agriculture.


Academy Award®-winning filmmaker James Moll’s feature-length documentary, FARMLAND, takes the viewer inside the world of farming for a firsthand glimpse into the lives of six young farmers and ranchers in their twenties. Through the personal stories of these farmers and ranchers, viewers learn about their high-risk/high-reward jobs and passion for a way of life that has been passed down from generation to generation, yet continues to evolve. FARMLAND premiered in theaters across the country in spring 2014, and now is available on hard disk for rent and purchase at Netflix, Amazon, Walmart, select retail outlets and via On Demand platforms. 

“I make documentaries because it’s a thrill to explore new topics and meet people that I might not otherwise cross paths with,” said Moll. “While making Farmland, I found myself immersed in a community of some of the most hard working, passionate people I’ve ever met.  This film isn’t just about what it’s like to be a farmer, it’s about a way of life. It’s also about a subject that affects our lives daily.”